the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Valérie Hamoniaux

a portrait of Valerie Hamoniaux, Healing Dance teacher

📚  After a degree in chemical engineering and a stint in mountain tourism, life led me to the water. I started swimming in 2008 and became a swimming teacher a few years later. Subsequently I discovered Watsu and became a practitioner in 2014. I then dove into the study of Healing Dance, becoming a practitioner in 2019. Today, I share the benefits of water through sessions, workshops and swimming classes with the desire to raise awareness of the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of water practices.
🌊  I became aware of my connection to water late in life, but it was immediately obvious : I feel good in it, I want to share it. Water is for me a space of resourcing where my tiredness disappears, my spirit is freed. For example, when I swim, I have a lot of ideas, as if the change of environment helped me to change my perspective! I am lucky to live in a mountain village where water is very present. Snow in winter, streams and waterfalls, hot thermal water... from my home I hear water, I see water. It is present when I go hiking, skiing, so that outside of my professional activity, it also accompanies me in my daily life.
🏠  I live in Cauterets, France, in the Pyrenees (mountains in the south of the country, near Spain). I live in a village with a thermal facility, which allows me to give my sessions in naturally warm water. And I give trainings in France, mainly in the west of the country.
🎯  When I'm not in the water, I'm often in the mountains: hiking, climbing, skiing... I love these practices that combine sportive activity and connection to nature.
💬  Healing Dance has won me over with the precision and richness of its technique at the benefit of the receiver. Everything is thought out to allow the receiver to meet himself and to meet the water. And as a giver, all this technical qualities allows us to be fully focused on the receiver, our body knows what it must do to generate this or that movement, this or that effect.
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I immediately felt very confident with Valérie because I was reassured by her ability to listen, her kindness and the precision of her gestures.“

Valérie Hamoniaux is swooshing her model around in the Third Eye Vortex, giving an enjoyable arch to the upper back