the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
Knee Snake
Off Shoulder   
The Dolphin
The Parachute

Shape & Space

Shape & Space is the fourth Healing Dance® level to come into existence after the Healing Dance I, II and Above & Below trainings. It is made up partially of material Alexander had developed as early as 1993 and first taught in the US and in Europe as an advanced level of WaterDance. Shape & Space consists of a beautiful and exciting repertoire of moves and an exploration of underwater improvisation. It is a collection of dives that embody a language with its own grammar and syntax. The key idea in Shape & Space is learning how to create pure, generous movement shapes that convey the receiver across the length and breadth of the pool, speaking their embedded messages to the receiver. The movements of Shape & Space are rooted in human developmental movement; in the animal movement of dolphins, seals, sharks, squids and snakes; in elemental movement patterns seen in flowing water, and in archetypal positions that reflect our biological genesis and relation to spirit. In addition, Shape & Space explores the art of adapting to and facilitating the interactive receiver. Shape & Space is for those practitioners who believe in the healing power of movement and want to learn how to dance with their receivers in the water. A written and photo manual are provided and an MP4 of the sequence is made available. This is a core course in the Underwater Practitioner Certification.

‍It is 50 hours in length over 6 days and may be taken before or after Above & Below.

Prerequisite: Healing Dance I or WATSU I, plus Healing Dance Underwater Basics or WaterDance I