the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms


The internet is a treasure of information and connections. These links access the sites of other aquatic organizations, teachers and practitioners.
The official home page of the German branch of the water family, the Institute für Aquatische Körperarbeit (IAKA). Acquaint yourself with its teachers, trainings and practitioners. Alles klar?
Ground Zero, The Mother of All Watsu Sites, cyber headquarters to WABA, the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association. Here you may learn more about the techniques, locate practitioners and even sign up for trainings.
This is the website of team member Bodhi Sambhava (Sophie Anquetil), tantra teacher in the SkyDancing tradition, originator of AquaTantra, and Practitioner and Teacher of Healing Dance.  and
These are the charming and informative websites of Anat Juran who lives near Perth, Western Australia offering baby swimming classes and the entire range of aquatic bodywork, from Jahara and Halliwick to Watsu, WaterDance and Healing Dance.
This is the German-language website of our team of aquatic practitioners in southern Germany (Ortrun, Kathrin and Alexander). We describe the techniques we offer, share a bit about ourselves, tell you how to book a session, buy a gift certificate and get to the pool. A photo gallery and some videos complete the experience.
French Healing Dance teacher, Valérie Hamoniaux, presents the many different treatments and workshops she offers at the Thermes de Cauterets in the Pyrenees of southwestern France.
Portuguese Healing Dance Teacher Alda Lopes has created an aesthetic website showcasing her sessions in the water. She works near Lisbon, working mostly with chronic and emotional pain clients.
American Healing Dance Teacher Sarah Reynolds lives in Denmark now with her husband and is establishing her aquatic and myofascial therapy practice. Her exquisite website reflects over 25 years of treating clients and teaching a broad range of modalities.

Mauricio Alejandro Gómez Perdomo lives on the Indonesian island of Bali with his wife and children. About himself he writes that he is a... "Healing Dance aquatic bodywork practitioner, musician and soul surfer. Focused in subtle listening and calm supportive presence, in merging with the water where receivers can relax, release, integrate emotional processes and restore memories. I feel giving a session is like surfing a smooth wave, like playing a liminal dreamy musical composition, like evoking and sharing inner peace between us..."
Healing Dance Teacher Deb Evangelista lives out on Colorado's Front Range in Longmont, offering sessions and holding trainings in her own 97° heated pool. Deb has been many things along the way, including  swimming instructor, teacher of water aerobics and Ai Chi, an apiarist and Polarity Therapy Life Coach.
Linda Bego, a Dutch Practitioner of Healing Dance, WATSU Practitioner and Dance Therapist. Psychomotor therapy @Zin-ergie embodies behavioral science, Healing Dance & WATSU, dance therapy, complementary care and offers an integrated, personalised health experience to individuals and groups. Serving body, mind and spirit on Life’s Journey.