the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes, such as the circle and the figure eight, have existed in our collective reality since the dawn of history. In this weekend workshop we will come to understand our personal relation to these ancient symbols and how, translated into the three-dimensional kinetic movement shapes of aquatic bodywork, they can serve as doorways to self-healing for receivers and givers alike.
In an easy and natural way we will link together visualization, the principles of vibrational medicine and what I call “body mudras” and “kinetic spatial mandalas” or movement shapes. We will learn a way to take our work to a subtler level in the water, with an inner, personal approach that demands nothing of the client, but offers a greater breadth of presence. We will discover how to utilize better the tools we already have; how to focus mind, heart and movement to create a healing portal for receivers through the medium of kinetic spatial mandalas.
​In the workshop, we will:

1. begin on land by immersing ourselves in certain archetypal positions (body mudras) and then linear movement, circles, eights, waves and spirals through meditation, drawing, Group Mind exercises and movement;
2. acquire the body mechanics on land that allow us to transmit these movement shapes to our receivers in the water;
3. learn in the water how to create simple circles, eights, waves, spirals and rocks with an expanded awareness of their effects and potentials;
4. practice in improvisation in the water with each other how to convert any position or movement into these shapes;
5. adapt to our own beliefs a simple technique for working with clients that encapsulates these skills, integrating the physical with the subtle energetic.

This is an elective course in the Practitioner Certification. It is 25 hours in length ​over three days.

Prerequisite: Healing Dance I or WATSU I.