the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Feedback from Receivers

Sessions of Healing Dance finish with putting the receiver's feet on the ground and leaning their back against the wall of the pool. These feedbacks were spoken by the receiver then or written out in a form after the session.

I never want to walk again. I just want to float in the pool. It’s ecstasy, going home, feeling con­nected."

I feel great...light. My joints feel completely supple. The moments of stillness I liked, were pow­erful. The fullness collapsed into the moment, crystallized, the movement needed the stillness.

Now I know what it’s like not to have a body. I was so far gone."

It’s magic. I felt I was riding my breath.”

Incredible. I knew it would be good, but not this good. So relaxing."

That was the most nurtured I’ve ever felt in my life.”

That was the most blissful experience I’ve ever had. It was the most safe I’ve felt in my life.”

Now I know what astronauts feel like. Lovely. Sense of body, sense of self."

Very beautiful. My whole body feels very alive."

Wow. It was like flying.”

Feedback from Course Participants

At the finish of every Healing Dance training participants fill out a questionnaire evaluating their experience. Here are some quotes.

"Healing Dance helps people come alive again."   L.S.

"I thought we’d be learning techniques for aquatic bodywork and I was instead shown a fabulous path to self-realization..."  C. S.

"The one thing I didn’t expect is how much I would love it!"   J.W-F

"Went way beyond my expectations--the amount of material covered, the genius of the work."  B.S.

"All the these moves naturally are in my body…. This week has awakened a beautiful natural flow that spills out and over into the rest of my life."  A.C.

"This was a highlight experience in my aquatic bodywork training. I very much appreciate the thoughtfulness in the design of each move, the precision and clarity behind every step."  M.J.

"I feel so much more confident to give a good session with this material. The whole style, working with the rhythms of the body, is valuable for all of my life."  R.H.

"Receiving the work…. has opened rivers of energy in me. Emotionally… also memories come up. I feel change within. Professionally I am experiencing a different way of being with people."  T. A.

"I enjoyed improvisation classes a lot. It is in a spirit of healing not to stick to the routine in a rigid way. I found authentic movement on land and in the water very instrumental to my growth and learning. I also value and appreciate other growth oriented processes, which may help us to become more balanced and mature healers." A.S.

"The whole Healing Dance just opens up my inner self, lets me surrender and trigger all the primal stages, which I have never felt so clear!"  G.E.