the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
Light flooding into a dark room through an open doorway as a metaphor of the name of the course, Doorways to Discovery

Doorways to Discovery

Doorways to Discovery is a 25 hour three day workshop tracing its origin back to the concept of Explore Movement from WATSU tradition. Doorways to Discovery offers you the chance to bring your creativity into the water in a different way than in its counterpart workshop, Relating & Mirroring. In Relating & Mirroring your creativity emerges purely out of responsiveness to the receiver's own movement; in Doorways to Discovery you allow your imagination freer reign, taking a more direct improvisational approach.

​The course will explore in three different directions:

​    1. Finding new transitions to join moves that you already know
    2. Inventing variations of moves already within your repertoire
    3. Discovering completely new moves that arise through a creative collaboration with your receiver

In addition you will learn some of Healing Dance's latest improvisational pearls not included in any trainings.

The course will build on creativity exercises on land and in water to get you into your groove. These will be individual, partner and group processes. You will learn Alexander's original techniques as a choreographer to capture and remember those gems that occur in the flow of movement; the very process by which he began to develop Healing Dance in the early 1990's. This entails the integration between the creative mind and the analytic mind. You will be able to carry back to solid ground the treasures from the deep sea of discovery, retaining those precious serendipity moments that occur in interactive sessions.

​So free your mind, let your fantasy take flight and get your creative juices flowing hydrodynamically through the Doorways to Discovery!

This is an elective course in the Practitioner Certification. It is 25 hours in length ​over 3 days.

Prerequisite: Healing Dance I