the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
Trapezius Massage
The Safe
Heart Wave

Aquatic Basics

Aquatic Basics is the first 50 hour module of a 100 hour program taught over two weeks designed for spa environments and clinics, as well as for beginners in the world of aquatic bodywork. It leads to certification as a Healing Dance Provider. Aquatic Basics addresses the needs of spa clienteles and special populations, enabling Providers to accommodate first-time water clients as well as those ready to receive Healing Dance in its fullness. It begins with the Flowtation sequence of "noodle work" (also taught separately) for receivers who initially require more space and time to accustom themselves to the water, who are not quite ready to be held in the arms of the practitioner. The Introduction to Healing Dance is taught next, educating Providers in the basics of aquatic technique and is suitable for clients ready to be held and moved through simpler figures that do not require so much flexibility and surrender. The Healing Dance material introduced in Aquatic Basics consists of hydrodynamic waves, flowing transitions, releases and nurturing holds. The course land work covers such important topics as body mechanics, the use of floats and weights, quality of touch, presence, breath, Healing Dance principles and ethics, so that Providers are thoroughly prepared to treat their clients. A written and photo manual are provided and an MP4 of the sequence is made available.

This is a core course in the Provider Certification. It is 50 hours in length ​over 6 days and serves as a prerequisite to Healing Dance I.

Prerequisite: none