the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
Push & Pull
Trapezius Massage
Geisha Head


Flowtation is an entry level course designed to give participants the tools to work with first-time water clients. It is also taught in combination with the Introduction to Healing Dance as the first half of the Aquatic Basics training. Floating on a head pillow and pool noodle is ideal when the receiver needs more space as the session begins. It allows her to relax and open without the giver being too close. It also allows the giver to massage with both hands, gaining the receiver’s trust and preparing the way for the next, more intimate phase of the session when the giver will remove the pillow and noodle and hold the receiver in his arms.

Flowtation introduces students to many Healing Dance body mechanics such as figure eights in Horse Stance, walking in figure eights, Geisha Steps and Baby Godzilla Steps. Healing Dance principles are also applied, including creative imbalance, flow, waves, allowing the body to complete movements, countertraction, C-curving the head and invisible transitions.

On land the foundations of aquatic bodywork will be learned, encompassing self-care, mirroring the breath, presence, relating to receivers through appropriate language and quality of touch, as well as ethics.

This is a 25 hour course taught over 3 days and may count toward the hours required for the Healing Dance Practitioner Certification. A written manual is provided and an MP4 video of the sequence is made available.

Prerequisite: none