the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
Adonis Silk Wave

Healing Dance II

Healing Dance® II asks the question, “How do we earn trust and gain access to the body at the beginning of a session?” The answer it provides lies in the trance-inducing Back Waves and in our quality of touch. In this training we continue the study of spatial mandalas beyond the waves of Healing Dance I to include the spiral, the eight and the spiral eight. Healing Dance II also focuses strongly on bodywork. It offers a toolbox replete with massage techniques and stretches integrated into the flow of movement. The course delivers the fullness of Healing Dance's surface repertoire with an entirely new set of mini-sequences including UpperBodyWork, The Starfish, Pegasus and Adonis, Easy Eights and Klimt. Healing Dance II carries further the emphasis on relating and mirroring by which students hone the all important art of responding to the kinetic and feeling states of their receivers. A written and photo manual are provided and an MP4 of the sequence is made available.

This is the final core course in the Practitioner Certification. It is 50 hours in length over 6 days.

Prerequisite: Healing Dance I