the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms
The Swallow

Above & Below

This class is designed to bring the principles of Healing Dance® into the underwater experience. Maintaining flow above and below the surface is integral; the material explores how to smooth out the moment of submerging and surfacing. When rhythm, movement shape and body position are pre-set at the surface, the receiver experiences a less radical change at the moment of submerging. The coursework begins taking WATSU's Basic Moves underwater and extends this idea to the whole session, introducing a variety of takedown moves from the repertoire of Healing Dance. From the feedback of practitioners working with Above & Below we know that it is indeed making going under possible for people previously unable to allow themselves to be submerged. Taking the moves below the surface becomes a fluid dance, bringing the receiver to a place where there is no need to breathe and bringing the giver to a joy in movement and presence. This class offers a copious toolbox of moves that are simple, elegant and intriguing to enrich your experience in the underwater world. A written and photo manual are provided and an MP4 of the sequence is made available.

This is a core course in the Underwater Practitioner Certification. It is 50 hours in length over 6 days and may be taken before or after Shape & Space.

Prerequisite: Healing Dance I plus Healing Dance Underwater Basics or WaterDance I