the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Mary Theri Thomas

Mary Theri Thomas has been everything from a corporate trainer to a martial arts national competition competitor and coach. She currently is the owner and manager of the Aquatic Bodywork Center and has been a practitioner and instructor in the areas of massage, martial arts, yoga, Nia, fitness, core awareness, nutrition, hypnotherapy and holistic health over the past 29 years, 20 of which have been in San Diego. She has trained with Alexander, the creator of Healing Dance, Harold Dull, the originator of WATSU, with Jahara the creator of the Jahara technique, as well as with Peggy Schoedinger P.T. the originator of Adaptive WATSU . Mary Theri is one of Healing Dance's Senior Instructors.      

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“Over the past 10-year period …I have never experienced any flare-ups with my rheumatoid arthritis after receiving WATSU, though I often experience flare-ups after dry-land physical exercise. “ W.H.

"My chronic pain that radiated down my arms from my tight shoulders and neck let go more within 45 minutes after my first WATSU than with 5 years of massage. WATSU allowed holding patterns I was not even aware of till they were gone to release allowing my whole upper body and low back to soften and enable more overall benefit from massage. What a treat to leave pain free." D.D.

Theri Thomas giving a water session