the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Anat Juran

My strong connection to the water is rooted early in my childhood. As young as a few months old, every morning, my mother used to take me on her bicycle to the nearest beach on the Northern side of the Israeli Mediterranean Sea. I strongly believe that these early life experiences wired together aquatic joy with pure unconditional love. No wonder that being in the water and connecting with people has been my passion and medicine since I can remember myself.
Currently, I live in Western Australia, where some of the most glorious beaches in the world are found and where ocean and water are a big part of life and culture.
My aquatic bodywork journey began in Israel in 1998, after a long career as a competitive swimming coach and managing my own swim school for babies and toddlers. My initial interest was to learn new techniques of working with kids who experience little mobility. Once I experienced the therapy myself, I was deeply touched and moved. I felt as though I had arrived home, particularly with the Healing Dance concept where movement is medicine. I never looked back since. It was surprising at the time; experiencing healing that wasn’t available to me before, and all I have been wanting to do since is to share it with others and learn everything I can about it.
Currently, I own a small swim school that specializes in educating parents to teach their babies to love the water, teach toddlers how to swim with ease and joy, and helping adults to find their natural connection to water.
I’m an experienced swim teacher and a trainer of teachers, a WATSU therapist and instructor, a WaterDance Practitioner, and a Healing Dance Practitioner and Instructor. I’m trained in Hakomi – a somatic Psychotherapy and am a Somatic Experiencing therapist, offering traditional talk psychotherapy combined with nonverbal meditative aquatic bodywork.
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The moment I stepped into the water I felt my whole body sigh with relief. ​As the session began and Anat drew me towards her and placed the floats around my limbs, the sensation was one of complete surrender to the water, a sensation of memory, familiarity and, at the same time, a completely new experience. L.C.

"Anat, your total commitment to each one of us separately and as a group, with so much creativity, yet full of joy and humor made a significant impression on us all.

Anat went above and beyond delivering a high standard and professional course that was also very enjoyable, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. ....

Anat Juran, Healing Dance teacher, is giving a session in the water