the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Ahara Vatter

My life started in water as all of ours did. I was surrounded by water early on -in pools where fractals of sunlight spoke to me beneath the surface, and later in Lake Michigan where the waves and undertows created dynamic play only a block from my childhood home. I joined the synchronized swimming team in high school. I lived in Hawaii on the beach for 4 years -water, waves, sun, fish, dolphins, long swims. I love water; the freedom, the way the water knowingly joins us and then - what happens?

After a serious automobile accident in 1997, water again became my gift. I rehabbed in the comfort and support of water. I also used my years of yoga training and instructing to facilitate my recovery. It was then, at that very vulnerable time, that my dear friend made me join an aquatic class as a student; I could barely walk. I was hooked; the benefits of giving as well as receiving for my crushed body where the reboot I needed. Since that time, aquatic bodywork is a part of the joy of my life and is relevant to every other part of what I do. It supports the work I do as an Ayurvedic Doula and trainer.

Water carried me, and many times my clients, as I worked for 15 years with people in intense trauma recovery. Water feeds my understanding and practice of somatic and cranial work, and the ebb and flow and timing of Polarity to chair life coaching. Water is always relevant and always teaching me, inviting me and bringing me more into present time: Experience what is happening! ---water whispers.

I started my aquatic bodywork journey as a WATSU® Practitioner in 1999. The beauty and fullness of aquatic bodywork lead me further into more trainings. I studied Jahara technique, quickly followed by becoming a WaterDance Practitioner and in 2001 became a Healing Dance Practitioner. Healing Dance spoke to me in its use of integrated, organic body movement understandings; I felt supported and met by the grace of Healing Dance. Early on my water journey I became a Licensed Massage Therapist and National Certified Medical Massage Therapist. In 2003 I became a WATSU® Instructor, though My Dream was to teach Healing Dance! In 2005 that began as I started my Healing Dance teaching journey with Alexander.

I currently teach Healing Dance 1 & 2, Relating & Mirroring and Healing Dance Underwater Basics. I am a senior Instructor through WABA, teaching WATSU® 1, 2 & 3 and a Pillow & Sound Healing class of my own. With all that I do in the water, Healing Dance is my favorite aquatic bodywork form. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico US and teach mainly in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado; I teach other places and have taught internationally. I love being in nature and by the water, traveling, doing Qi Gong and Dao Yin and often all of those with my partner Maurice. That’s me! Who are you and who do you become in the water? Come with us on a personal and professional Healing Dance journey! Check me out:
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Ahara is awesome. She gracefully holds the space and students in class. Ahara is very present and loving, but willing to really get in and coach us.Her humor, her talent, and her compassion rise to the top of her numerous positive characteristics that made this class the most enjoyable I’ve ever taken. Her ability to share in detail is inspiring. She respects the human condition. T.M

Ahara is an amazing teacher. A very knowledgeable instructor with a loving heart. Studying with you I feel Healing Dance in my heart. With gracious love you present and are present throughout. Thank you, Ahara! S.A.