the logo of the Healig Dance Institute is symbolic of the depths below the surface and of the light, it contains the wave, the circle and the spiral sacred forms

Bodhi Sambhava

📚 I am a Skydancing Tantra teacher and psychotherapist trained in Postural Integration and Pelvic Heart Integration. I am also the founder of the Aqua Tantra method and continue its development. I am also a WATSU and Healing Dance practitioner for over 10 years, which naturally led me to become a Healing Dance teacher.

🌊 Water is for me the origin of all life and the element that has always balanced my fire. I learned to swim and walk at the same time, and as a teenager I trained as a free diver and scuba diver. For me, the meditation that I have been practicing for 30 years was born in these moments observing my breathing underwater while visiting over the years all of the world’s seas.

🏠 I live on the beautiful island of Corsica. I am the mother of two children who have grown up steeped in the island's identity. For fifteen years I have been giving individual sessions on the island, never tiring of the incredible beauty of its nature.

🎯 When I am not facilitating aquatic or land trainings in Europe and elsewhere, I like winter walks in the Mediterranean and hiking in the mountains. When the water gets warm, I enjoy swimming for hours with my mask and fins. I like to dance with nature and to meditate or do yoga facing the sea.

💬 My meeting with Alexander during my WATSU training changed my understanding of healing sessions in water. For me, the relationship of Healing Dance to water and its ability to caress and give space to the receiver has convinced me that it is the most tantric form of the aquatic world. Today I like to transmit Healing Dance training as close as possible to its origins and to accompany students on their journey to find their own fluidity of being. My color as a teacher is that of energy and humor, offering bodywork on land in order to accompany the learning process with pleasure and joy.

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“I received a magical Healing Dance session from Bodhi. Beyond a session, it was indeed a healing. There was a rightness in the movements--they were precisely what I needed and when I needed it. This accuracy is possible because Bodhi has a wonderful quality of listening combined with a complete knowledge. I was transported to my inner world, I was able to connect to my deepest nature. I found in this care a new path to my haven of peace. There were also moments of intense joy, fun and dancing. A connection to my inner child in joy and love Thank you Bodhi for allowing all this."

"In one sentence: An extraordinary journey. You took me deep inside...I would never have thought that I would be able to let myself go for such a long time and, above all, that I would be able to do it in such a peaceful way." R. M.

Healing Dance teacher Bodhi Sambhava with her receiver in the water